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X & X Invite to: "chorus: Comb your hair with spinach. Wear Albatross eggs. A man is a tongue."

X & X

Be cordially invited to an evening of acts and gestures, props and paintings.

On Friday March 20th 2015 at 8 o'clock pm

Kenneth Koch: a tragedy
is an unfinished play script by Frank O`Hara (1926-1966),
the poet that coupled poetry with the movement of American abstract expressionist painting.
The talk was about a new subjectivity acting out and new means of an artistic language
based in processes & production, contexts & life-style and the glorification of everyday encounters.

Kenneth Koch: a tragedy
is taken as one starting point to explore the common grounds of poetry and art.
Rather than revisiting the historic constellations and visions, I asked friends and collaborateurs to
recreate, relate or respond to this unfinished playscript. It is an open invitation to come together,
meet Frank or Kenneth, and celebrate 2 years of happenings, exhibitions and collaborations at OSLO 10.


ROAD RAGE The Last 2 Minutes Of Jackson Pollock & Edith Metzger (Night Of The Living Dead)

by Thomas Baldischwyler


by Sarah Bernauer

"True Love"

by Louise Guerra

Play: R.I.P

by Balz Isler

reading Moonlight Sonata / Exempli Gratia

by Sophie Jung

writing nightmares of delay with alien language

by Franziska Koch 

Als ob, für vier Hände, Interlude, ca. 5 min.

by Julia Moritz & Stefan Burger

Poetry, or Whatever®

by Garrett Nelson


by Philipp Schwalb


OSLO 10, Oslostrasse 10, CH- 4142 Münchenstein, Dreispitz/Ruchfeld