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Taku Sugimoto (JP) & Stefan Thut (CH) / Bérangère Maximin (FR)

JAPANESE ONKYO MINIMALISM LEGEND & WANDELWEISER HARDCORE COMPOSER» with TAKU SUGIMOTO (Guitar Japan) and STEFAN THUT (Violoncello, CH) and Composer / Musican Bérangère Maximin (FR) Doors & Concerts 21:00

Two new works for guitar and cello

Taku Sugimoto
Legendary Tokyo-based guitarist and composer Taku Sugimoto went through a stylistic change during the 90s and moved away from ‚high-volume’ improvised chamber music. Nowadays he is known for his music merging with the sound of the place through distinct compositional and instrumental skills. „It is music of the quietest intensity, rich in detail and infinite nuance, poised and self-assured despite the constant threat of encroaching crowd chatter and environmental noise. Quiet as a dropped pin and yet tough as nails, Sugimoto’s brand of elegant minimalism places him at the forefront of Japan’s burgeoning “onkyo” school of small-gesture improv and secures his place as a pioneer in the post-Cage world of silence/sound interaction.“ (Joe Panzner, 2003) He runs the label Slub Music, which in addition to Sugimoto’s own recordings releases CDs by Taku Unami, Kazushige Kinoshita, Radu Malfatti, Antoine Beuger, and others.

Stefan Thut
After experiences in new and experimental music, improvisation and noise, composer and cellist Stefan Thut started writing scores in order to specify parts of parameters. His compositional strategies involve permeable systems being relatively determined but still unpredictable in their sonic outcome. For this project the juxtaposition of the time of composing and the time of performing is a focal point respectively he is looking for ways of combining the two activities. For the actual duo situation he prepares source material that only after its completion during the performance will receive an instrumental expansion. Through the applying of chance procedures during the event the performers collectively specify a begun material further.

Bérangère Maximinsound objects, microphonics, digital chimeras

Bérangère Maximin makes spacious colorful music. A sonic sculptress of exception, she started out in an academic environment with an electroacoustic training, and has gradually incorporated the contribution of post-punk, dub and sound art experiments to develop a hyper-personal style, producing sensual, hypnotic, sultry pieces with immediate impact. BM moved from her native Reunion Island to France when she was fifteen, and studied with the musique concrète composer Denis Dufour (a member of the famous GRM and a pupil of Pierre Schaeffer). Her first album came out on John Zorn’s label Tzadik. In may she releases here new album on Crammed Discs' Made To Measure series.. A first preview of the new material will be presented at Oslo10 in Basel.