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Laurent Gérard, aka èlg, is drawing since 2003 the sonic equivalent of concentric spirales and labyrinths made of intestines and thujas. Since ten years he uses a wide range of approaches and tools. He firstly worked on song-format manipulations through psychedelic distorsions and quicksands experiments (« Tout Ploie, 2008, Kraak and SS Records »).
Following that he putted together voices and lost sounds in four dimensions collages, the result is a mouvement taking inspiration as much in sound poetry than stand-up comedy or mescalin mix diary (« Capitaine Présent 5 », 2009, Nashazphone). Then he met Ghédalia Tazartès and Jo T. with whom he co-founded the band « Reines d'Angleterre » characterized by living gargoyles singings and improvised electro-acoustic water cascades. Interrested in the idea of injection of psychedelic holes in industrial transes, Jo and èlg founded the duet Opéra Mort at the same time (« dirty and futuristic » said Metamkine).

In his last opus (« Mil Pluton », 2012, Alter / Hundebiss Records), èlg has tried to gather, in a same hypnotic line, esperanto pocket-opera, musique concrète and cosmic pop.

In the past years, he has collaborated, during shows or recordings with Smegma, Jean-Philippe Gross, Ignatz, Jakob Olausson, Tomutonttu, Ghédalia Tazartès, Jo, Duncan Pinhas, Heatsick...

G.Moissonnier is a French artist and experimental musician. He plays A-100 Modular Analog Synthesizer with tapes & field recordings. He aslo plays in the bands Motherfucking, La 6eme Faute, and the unformal ensemble "Faux Amis". He has been promoter of Lyon's legendary venue "Grrrnd Zero" from 2005 to 2010. His music has been released on "zerojardins" his own label that he runs since 2006. His first solo Full lenght release has just been released on the always wonderfull looking tape label from Manchester, Winebox Press.

Past performances include: LUFF Festival Lausanne, 2011; Chuuuuut ! Festival Marseille, 2011; Kill Your Pop Festival Dijon, 2009; Les Urbaines Festival Lausanne, 2007 & shows in various Art Galleries, Clubs... in the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech republic, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland...

RINUS VON ALEBEEK (1956, Heerlen, The Netherlands) is a writer who uses his (environmental) recordings on tape to narrate a story. During the nineties he published two books (pseud. Philip Markus) in his native country. The first novel (De Weg naar Oude God) won the prestigious Geert Jan Lubberhuizen Prijs, a yearly award for the best first novel.

An accidental encounter with electronic and avant garde music in the year 2000 at the Lem festival in Barcelona, and an introduction to the cassette culture gave way to his further artistic development. In the first decade of this century van Alebeek made a thorough research on how to make or manipulate recordings. Thanks to a great number of concerts, sometimes an average of ten in a month, he developed an approach of which people say it is ‘ between noise and pure poetry.’

‘Rinus Van Alebeek is a peculiar observer of reality and an artist who instinctively transforms lo-fi tape recordings into evocative sound poems, being able to create a “détachement” towards the used media, which is a characteristic of the most original artists.’ (Luis Costa, president of Binaural and Associação Cultural de Nodar)

ÈLG & G. MOISSONNIER. http://www.placerouville.com/tour/

RINUS VAN ALEBEECK: http://rinusvanalebeek.wordpress.com/