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Concert: ILIOS 21:30

„Yellow Jacket“
: The Measurement of The Room or a performative occupation of visual identities. Oslo10 showcases the work of ILIOS (GR), Leif Elggren (SE) and Philippe Daerendinger (Ch) in a group exhibition.

It is to be expected that the sound level of ILIOS’ sound installation will drown out the noise from the nearby construction site. His work literally turns the architectural space into an acoustic experience. During his preparation for his OSLO10 performance, ILIOS took exact measurements of one of the rooms and located frequences that cause this specific room to resonate. 
„The unnecessary tyranny of settlements, the needless weight of identity, the unwished despotism of frontiers.“- is the title of an essay in which ILIOS pleads for the absolute experience.

I hereby lay claim to this symbol, sign, icon, the combination of black and yellow, wherever it may appear, in this or any other world, in whatever shape, form, pattern or composition, be it civil or military. I hereby claim to be its originator and owner. (Leif Elggren 1977)

Since 1977 Leif Elggren uses Yellow and Black in different transitory correlations - as a political statement, a metaphorical gesture or a fancy button, „Y+B“ is Leif Eiggren’s „personal“ sample board that is staged in spatial installations, photography and visual compositions. For „Yellow Jacket“ the Swedish artist Leif Elggren shows a new presentation of his „Life Project“ „Y+B“.

Responding to the invitation, Philippe Daerendinger developed a new series of work. With amazing ease he regroups new figurative drawings and plays with the possibilities and absurdities of figurative representation. Quite spontaneously he transforms a sterotypical depiction of people in different situations – resembling Julian Opies's abtract icons. Within this range he opens a field from corporate stereotypes in our every day life to the „simplistic“ practice of drawing.

Active since the early 90′s in sound art and image, ILIOS has been exploring the extremes of sound and image derived phenomena. Through constant change in his sound palette touching and surpassing the limits of the sound spectrum, flirting with opposites from ultra-orthodox silence to ultra-catholic noise ILIOS advocates an anti-career. Some of ILIOS’ recorded output has been described by the media as: “The sound of death” or “The most enervating record imaginable”.
By 2011 ILIOS had performed more than 200 times in various venues and festivals in 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe, Oceania, South and North America, pushing the space and bodily resistances in an endurance test pursuing a heightened state of awareness for the human senses.
Besides his own production ILIOS runs the label Antifrost, featuring editions from internationally renowned artists and musicians (e.g. Francisco Lopez, Daniel Menche, Joe Coley, Alessandro Bossetti, Lasse Marhaug).
ILIOS' concert is the opening event for the new exhibition and concert space, OSLO10. The concert is also a collaboration with the DVSM Symposium on the subject „noise – „The Other“ music“ (http://www.geraeusche.dvsm.de/ ). During the whole Symposium ( April 11th until the end of May) OSLO10 will be presenting a sound installation from ILIOS.