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Tilde (IT) / Monopoly Child Star Searchers (US) / Lieven Martens Moana (BE)

20:00 TILDE (IT)
(Electronics & Percussions, Space & Sound Experiments)
Attila Faravelli (Aural Tools, Electronics)
Enrico Malatesta (Percussion Instruments)
Nicola Ratti (Electronics)

(Spencer Clark : sampler, yamaha pianos, efx)

(tropical psych, Visual Audio Show, Cut-up Synth experimentations)

TILDE: Tilde is a sonic intervention trio. Our aim is realizing sound actions which are at the same time separated from and joined to a specific context, as if caring about this gap or just dealing with it could expand/destabilize both ourself and what’s around us.
We utilize some spare objects, a snare drum and few analog synthesizer’s modules to provoke a mutual relationship between artificially produced sounds and some sites that happen to grab our musical interest. Far from being an empty container to our actions, these sites react by affording some of their unlimited aural possibilities, both imagined and real. Our interventions (as much in the open air as in the controlled environment of a stage concert) are structured as if they were emanating from the way that we, in so far as perceiving bodies, are able to listen to a specific space’s character, to the shape and material constitution of the physical objects that it contains and to our own tools’ and instruments’ behaviour under certain conditions.

MONOPOLY CHILD STAR SEARCHERS (USA) Californian Spencer Clarke, formerly one half of Skaters, now exploring infinity with this repetitive, intertwining cosmic layer cake.
“The music here has little parallel but there are nods to Sun Ra’s wiggier cosmo-keyboard fantasias, the more cosmic early Skaters sides, extremely primitive keyboard-led slow-mo dub settings, the kind of Industrial de-programming exotica fantasised by Throbbing Gristle, even the world galaxy visions of Alice Coltrane albeit with a heady/drugged basement/ritual vibe or the haunted soul of the most spooked Ethiopiques sides, all cut with slowed-down nightmare vox ala Basil Kirchin. The perfect spin for the liminal hours of the a.m. A stunning, magical package, very highly recommended!” David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

LIEVEN MARTENS MOANA (BE) One of the many aliases of Belgian artist Lieven Martens who also runs his own imprint Cetacean Nation Cassettes. As Dolphins… he combines new-age aesthetics with hazy lo-fi synth rituals. Recent releases see him incorporating influences of musique concrete and library music. Canto Arquipélago, his latest LP for the Underwater Peoples label, finds Martens in full-on explorer mode. Rattling percussion, natural field recordings, tribal woodblocks, and aged electronics combine to reflect the excitement of discovering a new locale untouched by the meddling hands of human commercialization.

TILDE: http://tildehome.tumblr.com/
LIEVEN MARTENS MOANA: http://www.kraak.net/index.php/artist/release/lieven_martens_moana
MONOPOLY CHILD STAR SEARCHERS: http://www.pacificitysoundvisions.com/