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Roundtable: On the contextual aspects in sound art practices.

On the contextual aspects in sound art practices. Tuesday, March 11 2014, 17.00
A panel discussion with Matthieu Saladin, Carsten Seiffarth and Daniele Balit.
As part of the Transborder cross-project between France, Switzerland and Germany, a curatorial and research project focusing on sonic arts, SONIC and Oslo 10 will be holding a panel discussion on contextual sound practices, bringing together Daniele Balit (it), Matthieu Saladin (fr) and Carsten Seiffarth (de).
Since the inception of the term “sound art” in the 60s, site-specific sound installations have been keeping on raising aesthetical, social and political questions. These often immaterial installations, which frequently relate to very specific contexts, usually operate in the margins of traditional art settings and contemporary music scenes, and call their economies into question.
In recent years, interest in sound art has been arising among the spheres of contemporary art, thus calling for some of the factors embedded in these practices to be reconfigured as to be able to fit into museum and gallery spaces. In such circumstances, what can become of these approaches and of their seminal utopian politics ? To discuss these utopian takes on sound art, and reflect the other events presented by the Transborder partners, Yvan Etienne brings together scholars, curators and artists who will hold a conversation on these matters and introduce their practices of sound art.