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Robert Curgenven (AUS) & MS STUBNITZ

Robert Curgenven (1974) is an Australian composer/sound artist living in Cornwall. His work spans immersive resonances via turntables and custom-made vinyl, instrumental harmonics and guitar feedback, through to carefully detailed field recordings from remote areas where he lived for many years. Drawing on the physicality of sound - and not just the physical impact on the body but the way in which the auditory can shape our perception of space and the flow of time – The Wire surmises that “behind the music—to these ears at any rate—lurk such [disparate] presences as Alvin Lucier, King Tubby, Murray Schafer and Eliane Radigue.”


Stubnitz Crew operates the Cultural Production Machine MS "Stubnitz" a fully operational 80m Deep Sea Fishing Vessel, transformed into a unique floating Venue, which travels the Baltic and North Sea Metropoles such as London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg. The Ship mainly hosts Live-Events and Parties, and has just won a Prize for there Live Programm. Tonight, a handful of the Crew Members will present a selection of Live-recordings, Videos and visual Snippets from aboard.


20:00 Live Recordings From the Archive.
21:00 Concert
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