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Recording session




Dénnis Eisenring, Carl Schwalb und Brian Lampe

Sisters and Brothers of all resonance, that enlight every world`s beeing.

On Sunday, December 14th 2014, 5.23pm Dénnis Eisenring, Carl Schwalb und Brian Lampe will carry an experimental recording into execution.

After a walk in the three brother`s joint childhood, accompanied by 13 guestes and four turtles, 10 pending scull lanterns will be made out of floating aluminium and then cut into form. Each guest does get the one time Pet Sound as a present - in the delight of the lanterns light. The length of the recording is 36 minutes and 25 seconds. If started at 17.23 the recordings ends at 17.56.25, nothing remains, but everything is goes. All parties and people involved will be recorded, even the greens. A recording is one more sweet alternative of an opening. The format of the recording is beeing disclosed by doing and all lamps are beeing shut down after 22 seconds of meditation, that is at 17.59.47. The 10 remaining HOTAIR HOVER SKULLZ stay to be read in a room of choice and give solace to surf (on). This hyperbölic recording generates bröttle exits. The tremors of exhalation is the most flimsy conversation and stand and arms of poor socio-sponsoring assignment.

– Philosoofy der flying cutleight or to olso with Draum: WytdILSgiHIpc -