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Phill Niblock (US) & Thomas Ankersmit (NL)

THOMAS ANKERSMIT: Serge Analog Modular Synthesizer
PHILL NIBLOCK (US): Electronics

Drones, Soundstreams, Solo/Duo
& Screening: Movement Of People Working
& Buchpräsentation von Yvan Etienne: Working Title (Les presses du réel)

Fortunately there is a Phill Niblock Retrospective at the Centre d'art contemporain (http://www.circuit.li/) and Musée de l'Elysée (http://www.elysee.ch/) in Lausanne at the moment and we are happy that he has agreed to come to Basel and perform a set of his works live.
Phill Niblock is a minimal-music composer from New York, celebrating his 80th birthday this year. Some refer to him as the „forgotten“ of the minimal music scene. He has been an inherent part of the avantgarde music scene since the 60’s and has influenced many atists including Susan Stenger, Glenn Branca and Lois V Vierk.

Phil Niblock’s work has its roots in the fine arts, beside his musical output he is also an active film-maker. Most frequently he brings both fields together, - as will be the case for his presentation in Basel. He will perform a live set featuring pieces he composed for his film series „Movement of People Working“ (1972 – ongoing), filmed in Japan.
He will be accompanied by Dutch musician Thomas Ankersmit. Ankersmit is a saxophon player, who is lately challenging the fields of electronic music and is deeply engaged with his analog-modular synthesizer.

Both will play respective solo sets as well as performing a duo-set that will feature Phill's latest composition „Sweet Potatoe“ ( a piece for clarinette). We are looking forward to this visit from a legend.
Phill Niblock: http://www.phillniblock.com/
Thomas Ankersmit: www.thomasankersmit.net/