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NHK Koyxen (JP) + Neevo

OSLO10 - BAR AB 21:00 / CONCERT 23:00

Koyxen (aka NHK_Koyxen aka Kouhei Matsunaga) grew up in the heart of Japan’s Hip-Hop and Techno scene. Before long he was collaborating with Noise musician Merzbow and forging his sonic palette into his own idiosyncratic language, which he has been expanding to this day. At home in Berlin as much as in Japan, Kouhei has been performing with Doom Metal band Corrupted, the Noise group Boredoms, NHK (together with Toshio Munehiro), as well as painting. Sound artist and friend Aki Onda described him as “an outsider in Hip-Hop as well as an outsider in experimental music”.

NHK'Koyxen: http://koyxen.blogspot.ch/

This concert is also part of the DSVM-Symposium (http://www.geraeusche.dvsm.de/) as well as part of the opening events of the exhibitions and concert space OSLO10.

For more than 15 years NEEVO travels between clubs, bars and record stores. A DJ, event organiser and free spirit of music, he plays ageless dance music with influences of post-punk, post disco, avantgarde pop, jazz, funk, deeper house and techno, Caribbean and African rhythms. From 90 to 125 bpm, NEEVO focuses the dancefloor. Subtle or demanding with rough edges, never arbitrary or quantifiable.

Concerts organiced with Klappfon, supported by Swisslos-Fonds, GGG, Werkraum Warteck