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Mecanation(One Man Nation & Pierre Bastien) (SIN/FR) & Leisure Options (CH)

Mecanation is French multi-instrumentalist and tinkerer Pierre Bastien (who has toured with his selfmade orchestra, Mecanicum) and Thai multimedia artist One Man Nation, aka Marc Chai.

As Mecanation, Pierre Bastien and One Man Nation reiterate Aphex Twin’s broad-mindedness. One Man Nation daringly mixes his advanced electronic loops and processed sounds with the untreated leitmotivs of Bastien’s mechanical sound sculptures, usually improvised on stage without any prior rehearsals. Both musicians gravitate towards the use of both ancient and recent terrestrial sounds to create a myriad of unprecedented combinations, far away from any dogma.

Pierre Bastien (France) : Mechanisches Orchester, Taschentrompete
One Man Nation (Singapur) : Electronics.
There will be also Leisure Options from Zweikommasieben Magazin / Korsett Kollektiv from Lucerne with his well selected records collection..
Concerts organised with Klappfon. Supported by Swisslos-Fonds, GGG, Werkraum Warteck

One Man Nation: www.onemannation.com/pierrebastien_omn

Pierre Bastien: www.pierrebastien.com/