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Cut Hands (UK), Palmistry (UK), Stargate (IT)

William Bennett - founding member of the group Whitehouse and one of extreme electronic music's original pioneers - brings his CUT HANDS project to Cafe OTO. Started in 2007 to experiment further with his obscure collection of Ghanaian percussion instruments in free-form work-outs alongside other types of (genuine) sound experimenting, Bennett's eight years of hard graft finally culminated in 2011’s critically acclaimed and best-selling release Afro Noise I – the new Black Mamba album followed on from the eponymous 12” single released by Blackest Ever Black last summer.


Stargate is something in between the pre-sleep Tetris Effect and trance music in slowmotion; soft synth arpeggios smoothly modulate up to brutally danceable supersawed patterns and disintegrate into fragments of tasteful smoothed analog noise.
It's like if you open the doors of an Ibizia club at 5 am and your eyes start twisting, your brain is gently strechted & pitched down at -50 and you are locked into the longest "build-up" ever.
Unique and truly inspired 100% uplifing music from "2095". Watching the world from a thick glass lift that goes to 600th floor...experiencing the hyper-real. Stargate is a brand new project by Lorenzo Senni, owner of Presto!? Rec and Burgerdreams.
He also released an LP under his real name on Editions Mego.

STARGATE: http://soundcloud.com/s-t-a-r-g-a-t-e

PALMISTRY: http://soundcloud.com/palmistry