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23 million stories and conversation with Dora Garcia

Please join us for the 23 million stories and the conversation with Dora García on Thursday, June 19th at 2 pm at OSLO10, Oslostrasse 10, Basel.

23 million stories

2527 – An artist wants to write all the stories in the world. She meets a cartographer and an inventor. The inventor makes a machine to make old stories new. The new stories are stranger than the originals.

A random permutational system is applied to a collection of 2.527 stories, collected by Dora García since 2001 and written in less than four sentences. This system proves capable of building a potential total of 23 million stories, by permuting the sentences of the original collection of stories. The result is a virtually infinite number of nonsensical, or sensical in a different way, new stories. To produce new stories the system needs to be activated each day by different individuals in different geographical points by means of an app. The result is approximately ten new stories per day. To reach the potential 23 million, it will take about 6.300 years. A performer is in charge of reading this work in progress as it is built.

Initiated in 2013 with Henry Cooke. Performed by Zoe McCloskey and Michelle Witen.

For more info, please visit: http://twentythreemillionstories.tumblr.com/. For creating a new story please download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/the-london-bookshop-map/id741789886?ls=1&mt=8

Dora García’s practice investigates the conditions that shape the encounter between the artist, the artwork and the viewer. Her work focuses more particularly on the notions of duration, access and readability, concerned with the privilege afforded to “those in the know”. García’s pieces often involve staging unscripted scenarios that elicit doubt as to the fictional or spontaneous nature of a given situation. They predetermine set rules of engagement or utilize recording devices to frame both conscious and unconscious forms of spectator participation. García’s work also explores the political potential rooted in marginal positions: namely the figures of the outsider, the outcast and the outlaw, paying homage through several works to eccentric and often anti-heroic personas.

“23 million stories” by Dora García are organised in collaboration with Ellen de Bruijne Projects and the performances will take place simultaneously at OSLO10 and at LISTE Art Fair Basel from June 19th to 21st at 3 pm. Please note that the conversation with Dora Garcia will take place on June 19th at 2 pm at OSLO10, Oslostrasse 10.

The performances and the conversation are part of the exhibition program of SOURCE AMNESIA. From seeing words to hearing voices, SOURCE AMNESIA displays writings, recordings and other materials that enfold clairvoyant ways of communicating, documenting or storytelling reality. Participating artists: Robert Ashley, Michael Esposito, Dora Garcia, Susan Hiller, Pauline Oliveros, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Occult Voices, Annette Wehrmann, Hannah Weiner. Curated by Franziska Glozer, Margit Säde Lehni and Michael Zaugg.

Opening times:
During events and by appointment (+41 76 686 53 35)
June 19 – 21, Thu 13.30 - 16.30, Fri – Sat 14.30 -16.30


Oslostrasse 10
CH - 4142 Basel
Tram 10/11 Stop: Dreispitz, Entrance 13