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Michael Thieke & Olivier Toulemonde (DE/FR) & Hassan Khan (EG)

HASSAN KHAN – Electronics, Feedback, Mixer

Khan nutzt ein Arsenal von Mixer-Feedbacks, Filtern, Prozessoren, Laptop-Manipulation, virtuellen Synthesizern und Mikrofonen im Gespann mit vorkomponierten und vorproduzierten Studio-Aufnahmen und läst diese in seinem Live-Set in eine Komposition münden. All diese Musik ist Original.

Hassan Khan lebt als bildender Künstler, Musiker und Autor in Kairo. Konzerte gab er unter anderem in Alexandria, Amman, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beirut, Berlin, Bristol, Buenos Aries, Kairo, Kopenhagen, Delhi, Genf, Gwangju, stanbul, Ljubljana, Leon, London, Marrakesch, New York, Palermo, Paris, Philadelphia, Rom, São Paulo, Stockholm, Yokohama und Zürich. Zuletzt gastierte er im Pariser Louvre, im Teatro Fondamenta Nuova zu Venedig und beim Berliner Festival MaerzMusik.
“Taraban” is the Khan’s latest set and will be performed for the first time in it’s entirety on February 6th at Oslo 10.
The starting point for this set are two early twentieth century Egyptian songs by Youssef El Manialawy. Khan has worked with classical arabic musicians (Oud, Qanoun, Violin and Riqq) and singers to lay down melodic patterns developed from the modes and transitions used in the original songs to produce a new re-articulation of these pieces. The multi-tracked structure is mixed and treated live in relation to improv on a feed-backing mixer.
Khan uses a battery of feedbacking mixers, filters, processors, laptop manipulation, virtual synthesizers and live mikes in tandem to pre-composed and recorded sections.
All the music is original and live, no samples or loops are used.

OLIVIER TOULEMONDE– acoustic objects

The word “inframince” is an artistic concept proposed by Marcel Duchamp to describe a thin layer – very, very thin, almost invisible – between 2 things which seem to be glued or mixed. It could be as well the tendency to become imperceptible, invisible, but never disapearing. It could be the idea to keep the intensity at a high level and at the same time, tend to disapear. Anyway, Duchamp didn’t want to explain this concept exactly and this interpretation stays open. But he gave an exemple, which could illustrate quite well the music of the duo : The Inframince would be the noise of the trousers fabric, when someone’s walking. Michael Thieke and Olivier Toulemonde met themselves in Berlin and work together since

2010. Their first CD is edited on Anothertimbre Records. The music of the duo is a mix of breathing and rubbing. All is acoustic, very calm, sometimes fragile, never demonstrative, but always present.